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Riverdale Finale Reveals These Characters Had a “Quad” Romance

Near the end of the episode, Betty and Jughead have one last emotional hangout with their friends. As for their specific fates, he tells her she ran She Says Magazine—”the go-to source for feminist and progressive causes”—and that he launched Jughead Madhouse Magazine. Neither married but she adopted a daughter, Carla.

When Betty returns to present day, she and her granddaughter Alice go for a drive through Riverdale. And while Alice thinks Betty has fallen asleep in the car, her love then tells her, “I don’t think she’s asleep.”

A younger Betty then walks into their famous diner Pop’s—where she is reunited with her pals and Archie tells her, “Perfect timing, Betty.” And as the diner’s light-up sign flickers, Jughead bids viewers farewell.

“If you happen to see that neon sign some lonely night at the end of that long journey—the journey that every one of us is on—pull over,” he says. “Come on in. Take a seat. Know that you’ll always be among friends and that Riverdale will always be your home. Until then, have a good night.”

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