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Take a Pretty Little Tour of Ashley Benson’s Los Angeles Home

However, the timelessness didn’t end there. Hence the formal living room, which takes on a life of its own.

“I wanted to have a space that felt very ‘adult’ and just classy, elegant,” the Spring Breakers actress shared of the spacious white room, “and somewhere for people to just sit down, talk—for me to read a book, enjoy the fire, have coffee, tea, a glass of wine, whatever that may be.”

And while Ashley spent years as a staple on TV, it’s one the room is actually without.

“Every time I went into people’s houses and I was like, ‘you don’t have a tv? That’s so crazy,'” she revealed. “But it feels so much more mature.”

As for the closet? It’s a space even A would come out of hiding for. The walk-in room features tall, glass door display cases filled with clothes and shoes, along with shelves against the walls that house shoes and purses. There are cushioned seats beneath two windows as well as a large isle that has small bags on display and a perfume tray.

“Originally this was a guest room and there wasn’t a lot of closet space in the house,” Ashley confessed. “So I got to kind of build my dream closet and I felt like I was in a department store but still my house. I always dreamed of having a closet with lights in it and being able to see everything.”

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