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  • Boney Kapoor reveals Sridevi had seen rushes of Janhvi Kapoor’s Dhadak; they were supposed to star together in Kalank | Bollywood News

Boney Kapoor reveals Sridevi had seen rushes of Janhvi Kapoor’s Dhadak; they were supposed to star together in Kalank | Bollywood News

After actor Janhvi Kapoor recently opened up about how she coped with her mother Sridevi’s sudden demise mere months before the release of her debut film Dhadak, her father, producer Boney Kapoor, has spoken about how things were at home after the tragedy.

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Revealing that Sridevi had seen some rushes of Dhadak, directed by Shashank Khaitan, Boney shared that while coping with Sridevi’s death was difficult, she knew that her daughters — Janhvi and Khushi — were in good hands, and would have support from family and friends like filmmaker Karan Johar.

Boney, in an interview with The Times of India, shared that when Janhvi was growing up, Karan had come to their house and expressed his desire to launch her in the movies. The project he had in mind for her was called Shiddat, which was later released as Kalank. He also revealed that Karan wanted Janhvi to play the lead role, which was ultimately portrayed by Alia Bhatt, and that the role played by Madhuri Dixit was to be played by Sridevi, who had “agreed to do the film reluctantly.”

Karan had addressed this recasting in a social media post, writing that he would always regret not having worked with Sridevi.

Boney then spoke about how difficult it was for the Kapoor family when Sridevi died in 2018, the year Janhvi’s Dhadak was released. Boney shared that he still breathes a sigh of relief knowing that Sridevi, before her death, had seen the rushes of Dhadak. He also shared that Sridevi was proud of Khushi, who had received a scholarship at the New York Film Academy.

Janhvi had recently opened up about how her mother secretly watched her perform on the film’s set. Talking to Galatta Plus, Janhvi recalled that Sridevi was present for her first shot, which she just found out. “She was there for my first shot. I think I was the most nervous about her being around so she hid behind a tree with Manish (Malhotra) to see my first shot. She told me she wasn’t there but I found out later that she was. I was very nervous about her opinion. She had said, ‘she has it in her, she has it in her to do really, really well…’.”

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