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Delhi drug control dept’s guidelines to chemists, pharmacies for G20

In view of the G20 Summit, the Delhi drug control department has issued an advisory to chemist associations and pharmacists in the city to avoid purchasing and selling bulk stock of medicines under the category of narcotics and sedatives, especially codeine and tramadol preparations.

In the advisory issued Friday, Delhi’s drug regulator KR Chawla asked chemist associations to adhere to guidelines during the Summit that is to be held in the city on September 9 and 10.

“A lot of foreign delegates and Indian dignitaries are expected to arrive in the national capital. You are advised to adhere to ethical practices in discharging your duties and strictly follow guidelines as a part of social responsibility towards your nation,” said the letter issued by the drug control department.

All pharmacists have been asked to display posters with the message: ‘Stop misuse of habit-forming drugs’.

Chemists need to sell all schedule H and H1 medicines only on prescriptions from a registered medical practitioner and maintain schedule H1 registers.

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The advisory also instructs pharmacists to behave politely with foreign guests and other customers, and avoid arguments and misbehaviour. The presence of registered pharmacists is mandatory on the premises.

“Refrain from unauthorised stocking and sale of imported drugs except in a manner permitted under law. Maintain purchase and sale records up to date on a day-to-day basis,” said the advisory, adding that refrigerators in pharmacies should be in a running condition, round the clock, and maintain a cold chain.

The department also asked chemist associations to sensitise their members on the subject and make them aware of the contents of the advisory. “Any deviation in this regard would be viewed seriously and action would be initiated against the offender as per law,” the letter stated.

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