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WWF No Mercy spiritual successor Ultra Pro Wrestling shows gameplay, reveals partial roster

An indie wrestling game designed to be the spiritual successor of WWF No Mercy has shown off its latest gameplay footage.

Ultra Pro Wrestling is being made by Scottish studio Hyperfocus Games and was originally supposed to be a licensed game for “a popular Scottish wrestling promotion”, before the promotion backed out of the project.

Rather than abandoning two years of work, Hyperfocus Games has repurposed the game into Ultra Pro Wrestling, which will launch with a selection of fictional wrestlers.

A new Showcase video for the game was posted on YouTube today, showing the game running in a pre-alpha state.

Even in this state, the game’s attempt to replicate the gameplay of N64 title WWF No Mercy – which many believe to be the best wrestling game ever – is clear, right down to the animations used and the HUD.

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The game will also include a number of real-life ‘free agent’ wrestlers, who will be available as paid DLC. These include:

  • 2 Cold Scorpio
  • Al Snow
  • Arn Anderson
  • Barbarian
  • The Blue Meanie
  • Bryan Clark / Adam Bomb / Wrath
  • Buff Bagwell
  • Bull Nakano
  • Chris Candido
  • Crowbar
  • Demolition
  • Devon Dudley
  • Dynamite Kid
  • Francine
  • Gangrel
  • Glacier
  • ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan
  • Hayabusa
  • Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
  • Kanyon / Mortis
  • Krusher Kruschev
  • Louie Spicolli
  • The Masked Superstar
  • Matt Cardona
  • ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff
  • Nova
  • Sandman
  • Tito Santana
  • Warhorse
  • Warlord

According to Hyperfocus Games, each of these wrestlers will be paid DLC and will go straight to the real-life wrestlers themselves (or presumably their families if they’ve passed).

“UPW extends an open invitation to all the incredible talents in the wrestling industry, offering an opportunity to collaborate and preserve their remarkable legacies while gaining exposure to new generations of fans,” a statement on the game’s website reads.

“We recognize the immeasurable contributions made by wrestlers who have dedicated their lives to entertaining and inspiring audiences around the world. With a deep respect for wrestling history, UPW aims to provide a platform where these iconic figures can showcase their skills, boost their profiles, and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

“Together, we can ensure that the rich tapestry of wrestling’s past is cherished and celebrated. Join us in this collective endeavour to honour the wrestling legends and pave the way for a vibrant future where their extraordinary stories continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

“Our unique payment model will see your cash go directly to the wrestlers you choose to support, so every penny spent acts as a ‘thank you’ for all their contributions.”