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Derek Hough Marries Hayley Erbert in California Forest Wedding

Derek and Hayley, a Kansas native, former gymnast and DWTS troupe dancer, met in 2014 when she joined him and sister Julianne on their Move Live Tour. They began dating the following year.

In June 2022, Derek confirmed their engagement publicly after proposing with a ring from Paris Jewellers.

“It’s only the beginning,” Derek wrote on Instagram at the time, “the beginning of forever.”

On Aug. 25, a day before their wedding, the groom shared a special message for his partner and a video montage featuring the two, set to a new song he wrote and recorded called “Hold Back Time.”

“I sat down at the piano, thinking about our relationship and the massive step of committing my life to you,” he wrote on Instagram. “The amount of life we have already shared is pretty incredible. This video is a just a tiny snippet of what we’ve already experienced.”

Derek continued, “Life seems to be moving so fast, I want to hold back time as much as I possibly can to savor each and every moment with you. I can’t wait to continue building memories and a beautiful life with you, together.”

Hayley commented, “I love you from the deepest depths of my heart. Thank you for choosing me in this life.”

Look back at Derek and Hayley’s road to marriage below:

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