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Soon, a subway to bridge the gap between two Delhi airport terminals | Delhi News

To ensure a hassle-free experience for travellers who disembark at the IGI Airport Metro station (T3) and want to head to Terminal 2 or vice-versa, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is planning to construct a subway to connect the two points.

Currently, passengers have to get out of the station near Terminal 3 and either walk half a kilometre to T2, wait for a shuttle bus provided by the airport, or depend on other modes of transport. With the subway, there will be direct connectivity between T3 and T2 and help passengers save time.

According to officials, the length of the subway will be 70 metres.

The groundwork for the project was laid in May when the DMRC signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) for the construction, operation and maintenance of the subway. Following this, DMRC floated a tender.

Officials said the cost of construction, including utility shifting work, if any, will be borne by DIAL. The Delhi Metro will bear system operation and maintenance costs of the subway including electrical and mechanical aspects, lift and escalator, Automatic Fair Collection (AFC) systems, CCTV surveillance, security and PA systems etc.

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The subway will be constructed using the ‘box-pushing’ method, said officials. “In this method, vertical excavation or large-scale digging is not required. It is much faster than the conventional ‘cut and cover’ technology used generally for subway construction,” said officials.

Delhi International Airport Limited, DMRC Memorandum of Understand with DIAL, Delhi airport terminals, IGI Airport Metro station, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, IGI subway, indian express news Officials said it will take about 21 months to complete the structure after work is awarded.

This method was decided on keeping in mind the presence of utilities, buildings etc. in the surrounding areas, limited space availability, and traffic management concerns, added the official.

Officials said it will take about 21 months to complete the structure after work is awarded.

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According to DIAL officials, while the walk from T3 to T2 is five minutes, there are golf cart services between the two terminals for people who cannot walk long distances, like pregnant women, senior citizens etc.

As per the Delhi Airport website, there is also a complimentary bus which shuttles between terminals every 20 minutes. On how one can avail the service, the website says: “To ensure a seamless experience for the passengers, signages are placed right after the baggage checkpoints. Once you are done with baggage checks, follow the signages to reach the complimentary shuttles. You will be required to present identification documents to the officials in charge at the kiosks, for your onward journey. The officials will then provide you with the coupon for the complimentary transit bus, after which you can proceed to board the bus.”

The average daily footfall at T2 is 38,000 – 42,000 while it is 1.19-1.24 lakh at T3, as per airport officials.

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