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  • Sunny Deol says his real struggle began after Gadar released: ‘I wasn’t getting much work’ | Bollywood News

Sunny Deol says his real struggle began after Gadar released: ‘I wasn’t getting much work’ | Bollywood News

Sunny Deol is happy and why shouldn’t he be? His latest release Gadar 2 has already crossed KGF 2’s collection to become the third highest grosser (Hindi) of all time, and is now just behind Baahubali 2 and Pathaan. As the film inches towards the Rs 500 crore mark, the actor opened up about his career and struggle.

During an interview with BBC UK, Sunny surprised all by sharing how he had to go through a struggling phase after Gadar’s success. The film was released in 2001 and became a blockbuster. However, the actor shared that he wasn’t getting much work after the movie.

“Before that (Gadar), I had no issues. I wasn’t getting much work even when it (Gadar) was a much-appreciated film of the century,” Sunny Deol shared. When asked the reason for the same, the actor said that the world was changing and how “Hindi film industry was becoming Bollywood”. Sunny reasoned that the corporates had taken over and everything was (calculated) quarterly. “No projects came up. Right now, I can talk about it,” he shared with a smile.

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Sunny Deol said that now that when he looks back, he realised he existed because of the work he’s done. He said after Gadar he wasn’t doing ‘anything great’ or wasn’t part of any ‘popular cinema’. The actor added that he never worked with ‘big people or big companies’ as he didn’t relate to them and vice versa. Instead, he chose upcoming filmmakers in whom he saw a ‘drive’. Sunny smiled to share that it’s heartwarming how those same people are so happy for him today.

When asked what made him open up about his hard times now, the actor smiled to say, “Because I am happy.” He added that everyone goes through highs and lows, and he’s someone who believes in letting go of the bad times and remembering and cherishing the good ones. “It happens with everyone. The world is like that.”

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Coming to Gadar 2, the film has already crossed Rs 439 crores in 16 days and seems unstoppable at the box office. The Anil Sharma directorial also stars Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simratt Kaur and Manish Wadhwa.

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