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Star Wars: Ahsoka Episode 3 Release Time and Season Recap So Far

While Sabine recovers from the lightsaber wound she received during her fight with Shin, Ahsoka and New Republic General Hera Syndulla travel to Corellia to investigate Morgan’s former shipyards on the planet. It turns out that in an effort to save time and cut costs, the New Republic allowed the Imperials who used to work the shipyard to continue working for the fledgling government. But these Imperial loyalists have secretly been helping Morgan and others smuggle parts for their own evil purposes. We soon learn that Morgan has used these Corellian parts to build a ship, the Eye of Sion, that can withstand travel to the other galaxy.

Unable to apprehend them on Corellia, Ahsoka and Hera put a tracker on the ship being used by Shin and the former Inquisitor Marrok (another one of Morgan’s mercenaries) to smuggle parts off-planet, and learn the villains are headed to the Outer Rim world of Seatos. Meanwhile, after recovering from her injury, Sabine decides that she’s ready to be Ahsoka’s apprentice again and help her master search for Ezra and Thrawn. Before going to Seatos, Ahsoka picks up Sabine from Lothal and they set off together.

With Ahsoka and Sabine reunited, episode 3 will likely see them fight Baylan and Shin on Seatos, although Baylan seems hesitant to kill Ahsoka at the end of episode 2, as she’s one of the few Jedi left. It’s unclear if Hera will meet them there on the Ghost, or if we’ll see more of the New Republic through her perspective. Will the Eye of Sion begin its journey by the end of the episode? And who is going to feed Sabine’s loth-cat while she’s away?!

Hopefully these questions and more will be answered when Ahsoka episode 3 drops on Disney+ on Tuesday evening.

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