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Picross studio Jupiter has announced a new puzzle game for PC and Switch

Jupiter Corporation has announced a new puzzle game for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Logiart Grimoire will debut via Steam Early Access on September 12, 2023, ahead of the full version’s release for PC and Switch next year.

“Logiart Grimoire is a puzzle game that combines ‘word puzzles’ and ‘number puzzles’ creating a different kind of puzzle game from what you’re used to,” according to Jupiter, which is best known for developing the long-running Picross series for Nintendo.

“For Jupiter, early access on Steam is a new endeavor. While it’s still under development, we value your feedback and hope to nurture the game together with you.

“Without everyone’s cooperation, this game cannot be completed! Please, give it a try and share your valuable opinions.”

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Jupiter recently gave a rare interview to VGC, where it was revealed that the studio is trying to pitch some sort of Picross 30th anniversary celebration for 2025, but that it’s getting harder to get Nintendo to agree to collaborations.

“We’re eager to make these collaborations happen,” Jupiter’s managing director Norichika Meguro explained, “but it’s pretty much down to Nintendo’s judgement, and the final say is on their side, not ours.

“We want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Picross in 2025, and we’ve been pitching Nintendo for this, but it’s been really hard to get them to say yes.

“Going through their approval process has become more difficult than ever, so the easier way to work with Nintendo is to publish something with our own IP, not the other way round where a developer pitches Nintendo and waits for Nintendo to provide the IP to make the collaboration happen.”