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Save Lives by Donating Organs echoed as the anthem during the rally held at Parul Sevashram Hospital | Education News

Continuing their unwavering dedication to preserving lives, Parul Sevashram Hospital commemorated Organ Donation Awareness Week through an educational initiative aimed at raising awareness about the significance of organ donation. The rally saw active participation from over 500 university students and staff members who united to propagate the life-transforming impact of organ donation. Beyond the rally, a distinguished speaker, Deshmukh Dada, a prominent social activist, addressed the gathering, shedding light on the facts and the current landscape of the field. To provide expert medical insights, the program also featured Dr. Rashesh Desai, a kidney transplant surgeon, who shared invaluable knowledge about kidney transplantation and cadaveric transplants. Parul University’s comprehensive teaching hospital has been consistently striving to save lives through organ donation.

In a bid to spread awareness, the initiative included a theatrical performance and role-play showcasing myths and facts related to organ donation. These events were held in nearby villages, gardens, and malls. Furthermore, poster and slogan competitions centered around the same theme were organized, including a poster competition in schools to enlighten the upcoming generation about this noble cause. Going the extra mile, the University extended gratitude to the families of organ donors, acknowledging the life-saving commitment made by their loved ones. Over the years, these awareness initiatives have yielded a rising number of individuals pledging organ donation and committing to the cause. Embracing advancing technologies, the institution introduced a mobile application to ensure more frequent organ donation awareness. This app not only disseminates information and insights but also provides an avenue for taking the pledge.

“Organ and tissue donation holds more significance than many realize, impacting society and directly transforming lives. Numerous individuals await organ transplants to attain healthier, more productive lives. Organ donation empowers recipients to lead extended, higher-quality lives. Transplants have the potential to either save lives or significantly enhance their quality. Raising awareness about organ donation is the remedy to this distressing situation. A greater number of potential donors translates to increased availability of organs, poised to save lives. Unfortunately, few in India possess adequate knowledge about organ donation or how they can contribute posthumously. At its core, organ and tissue donation is about aiding people and extending a helping hand. It is our moral duty. Let us pledge that no life in India shall be lost due to a dearth of organs,” remarked Dr. Komal Patel, Vice President of Parul University and Medical Director at Parul Sevashram Hospital. She also unveiled plans for a special marathon, “Run for Organ Donation,” scheduled for December 2023. Dr. Patel highlighted the state-of-the-art Kidney Transplant Unit at Parul Sevashram Hospital, which has successfully conducted five live-donor-related transplants under the guidance of an adept team of medical professionals and hospital staff.

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