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  • The Starfield Constellation Edition is in stock in the UK, Europe and Canada

The Starfield Constellation Edition is in stock in the UK, Europe and Canada

Starfield’s Constellation Edition remains in stock in the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada, but it’s currently unavailable in the United States.

Ahead of its release on September 6, Starfield is available to pre-order in three editions.

While the $70 / £70 / €80 standard edition and $100 / £100 / €110 Premium Edition (digital-only) are easily obtainable, the $300 / £250 / €300 Constellation Edition has proven harder to acquire since pre-orders opened in June.

In the UK, where it’s available exclusively at Game, the Constellation Edition is currently available to pre-order for both Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Starfield Constellation Edition (Xbox Series X/S)
Starfield Constellation Edition (PC)
Starfield (Xbox Series X/S)

The Xbox Series X/S version is also currently available to pre-order in Europe from Bethesda’s online store, and in Canada from GameStop ($400).

In the US, the Constellation Edition quickly sold out at many retailers following its announcement and is currently unavailable to pre-order.

The standard version of Starfield, which includes the base game, will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

The Premium Edition and the Constellation Edition both come with Starfield’s first story expansion, Shattered Space, upon its release, plus up to five days of early access to the game starting on September 1.

They also include the Constellation Skin Pack, and soundtrack and art book as digital extras. Additionally, the Constellation Edition includes a steelbook display case, the Starfield Chronomark Watch and case, and a Constellation patch.