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Charlize Theron Reveals She’s “Still Recovering” From This ’90s Trend

If Charlize Theron could, she’d race back in time to stop doing this past trend.

The Fast X actress recently revealed one of her biggest beauty regrets, admitting that she would’ve pumped the brakes on plucking her eyebrows. 

“Hands down,” Charlize shared with InStyle in an interview published Aug. 30, “the thin eyebrows in the ’90s.”

And while that happened more than two decades ago, the 48-year-old noted she’s still paying the price of tapping into the trend. As she put it, “I’m still recovering from that.”

At the time, razor-thin arches were all the craze, with celebrities like Charlize, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez (among many others) rocking the stylish look on and off the red carpet. In June, Bella Hadid made a convincing case to bring back the trend, however, it’s safe to assume Charlize wouldn’t give it another shot if it picked up steam again.

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