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Classic Nickelodeon series Rugrats is getting a new game on NES and modern platforms

A new game based on the classic Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats is coming to NES, PC and modern consoles.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is being developed by Wallride Games, which previously released beat ’em up Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl (also on both NES and modern systems).

According to the game’s description, it will feature “puzzle platforming combining beloved gameplay from the NES era with moden game design”.

It will also feature both single-player and 2-player co-op modes, and will include “cameos of beloved characters from the TV show”.

While the version on PC and modern consoles will be able to run the NES-style version of the game, it will also include an HD graphics option, which obviously doesn’t feature on the NES version. This replaces the NES sprites with hand-drawn characters and backgrounds, in the style of the actual cartoon.

“Join Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil on a wild journey full of imagination and wonder,” publisher The MIX Games said in a statement. “Invite a baby buddy or go solo on a level-based, co-op adventure inspired by classic retro titles of the NES era, juiced up with modern game design.

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“Power through high-speed chases, sneak around as a baby-stack trench coat, and destroy buildings on TV as Reptar. Meet familiar faces including Angelica, Cynthia and Spike along the way, and take a trip down memory lane thanks to stunning hand-drawn animations reminiscent of the original TV classic or enjoy the adventure in a nostalgic 8-bit style.”

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is the first in a multi-game partnership between The MIX Games and Paramount, which will see numerous Paramount IPs appearing in a series of “neo-retro games with classic mechanics built for today’s gamers”.