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Is Starfield Steam Deck compatible?

Is Starfield Steam Deck compatible?

Starfield is finally here, and players are getting ready to jump into one of the most anticipated games of the year. But one of the main questions surrounding Starfield was whether or not it would be Steam Deck compatible.

The popular handheld PC has been able to run some of the biggest games of the year, but is it able to run Starfield?

Read on below to find out if Starfield is Steam Deck compatible.

Is Starfield Steam Deck compatible?

Yes. Starfield can run on the Steam Deck. However, there are a few things to be aware of before starting your adventure on the Steam Deck.

While the machine will be able to run the game, the Steam Deck is under the recommended specs, meaning that it’s not likely to be the smoothest experience. Large open areas, like the game’s various cities and planets, will likely suffer, and loading times are likely to be extreme.

It’s likely that once the game has been out in the wild for a while players will devise the best specs for Starfield on the Steam Deck in order to make it run optimally, but it’s currently unclear how long that will take.

Can the ROG Ally run Starfield?


Much like with the Steam Deck, although the machine itself doesn’t have all of the required specs, the game will be playable on the ROG Ally. This is great news for subscribers to PC Game Pass, who’ll be able to download the game at launch.