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  • ISRO chief Somanath accorded a warm welcome on IndiGo flight. Watch | Trending News

ISRO chief Somanath accorded a warm welcome on IndiGo flight. Watch | Trending News

India created history on August 23 by becoming the first country to successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon’s South Pole. As Chandrayaan-3 made a soft landing on the Moon, scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) were lauded for their dedication in successfully accomplishing the mission at a reasonable budget estimated to be $75 million.

ISRO chairman S Somanath, who has been receiving tremendous adulation, was recently on an IndiGo flight where his name was announced on the flight’s PA system. Pooja Shah, an air hostess with IndiGo, shared the video on Instagram Wednesday.

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Shah said, “I’m glad to announce the presence of Mr S Somanath—the Chairman of Isro—who boarded our flight today. A huge round of applause for Mr Somanath and his team. We are proud to have you on board, sir. Thank you so much for making India proud.” As she made the announcement, the passengers clapped and gave a round of applause. Another flight attendant is seen bringing a tray of snacks and giving a card to the ISRO chief. Shah also managed to get herself clicked with Somanath.

Watch the video below:

“He’s so down to earth,” a user commented. “Proud moment and you are very lucky to get a chance to meet him and to greet him, proud moment,” another person wrote. “That’s really sweet of you to welcome our Chairman sir. Thank you for showing some love towards ISRO,” another netizen said.

Earlier, a video of an IndiGo pilot making an announcement on the flight about ISRO’s historic achievement of landing on the Moon had gone viral. A woman, who works for IndiGo, who goes by the name C Lekha (@ChhaviLeekha) on X, formerly Twitter, shared the video on the microblogging platform.

India became only the fourth country after the United States, China and the former Soviet Union to soft-land on the Moon.

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