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Michael Jackson’s Sons Blanket and Prince Make Rare Joint Appearance

Paris also took to Instagram on Michael’s birthday, defending herself amid criticism from fans who harassed her over not sharing a tribute post to her father.

“So today is my dad’s birthday and back when he was alive, he used to hate anybody acknowledging his birthday,” Paris began the Instagram video. “He actually didn’t want us to even know when his birthday was because he didn’t want us to throw a party or anything like that.”

She continued, “That being said, social media is apparently how people express their love and affection these days and if you don’t wish someone a happy birthday via social media, it apparently means that you don’t love them and you don’t care about them. There have been times where I don’t post anything for my dad’s birthday and people lose their f–king minds.”

However, she proved that even without a dedicated social media post, she was keeping her dad’s spirit alive on his birthday.

In fact, after defending herself from internet trolls, Paris, who is touring with Incubus, played a video of herself paying tribute to her father at a concert that same day.

“He would have been 65 years old today and he put 50 years of blood, sweat and tears and love and passion into doing what he did, so I could stand up here on stage, in front of you, and scream into a microphone,” she said onstage. “So I owe everything to him.”

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