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Starfield fast XP gain guide: How to level up fast in Starfield

Levelling up fast in Starfield is a great way to experience a wide variety of builds.

However, leveling up in Starfield can be a pretty slow experience. Thankfully, we have plenty of tips below on how to level up as fast as possible.

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Starfield fast XP method: Scan gas giants

One of the fastest ways to get XP in Starfield is by scanning planets. There are hundreds of planets in the game, and you’ll get a burst of XP for each of the ones you scan. However, if you want to scan planets without having to actually land on them, you can instead look for gas giants.

These are, as you’d guess, large gas planets that you can’t actually land on. So, if you scan them from your ship, you’ll get the XP from completing the planet.

Starfield fast XP method: Board ships

A great way to earn fast XP is to destroy ships and kill enemy soldiers. Don’t just blow the ships up outright. You should damage an enemy ship until you have the option to board the enemy ship. Once you do this, go on the ship and kill all of the enemies, then take over the ship for yourself. You can then sell the ship. Each of these things will individually grant you XP, much more than if you just destroy the ships.