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  • Sunny Deol recalls teasing a girl on the road, says her brother came to beat him up: ‘When I am wrong…’ | Bollywood News

Sunny Deol recalls teasing a girl on the road, says her brother came to beat him up: ‘When I am wrong…’ | Bollywood News

Sunny Deol recently recalled an incident from his younger days where he teased a girl as she was walking on the road and her brother chased him after that. Sunny shared that as soon as he realised that the man chasing him was her brother, he lowered his guard and gave in, suggesting that he was ready to take the beating.

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In a chat with YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia, the Gadar 2 actor said that this incident took place when he was either in school or in college. He shared, “Jo youngsters hote hain ki jaise koi ladki aayi toh chhed dia, chhedna matlab ki kuch bhi aise bolna. Yeh nahi ki koi badtameezi karni toh I was on the road. Gaadi mein hum log ja rahe the toh koi khubsurat ladki thi toh maine shayad kuch kaha hoga usko. (Like how youngsters are that they tease women who are walking on the road, and not teasing like being disrespectful. So I was on the road and we were in a car and there was a beautiful girl and I might have said something to her.)”

Sunny said that after teasing her, they came back to his friend’s house and as soon as they entered the building, they heard a loud thud of a car stopping at the gate. “I was like what happened?” he shared. Sunny wondered who this guy was and then realised that it was the girl’s brother. “I got to know that she was his sister. Then all of a sudden my guard went all down. I said I am wrong. If you want to hit me, hit me because I am wrong. If I said something to your sister, I am wrong. This is a way I have always existed. When I am wrong, I am wrong,” he said.

In the same interview, Sunny also spoke about getting in fights during his early 20s. He recalled an incident where he fought with someone at a cricket match. “I was in my early twenties at that time and I hadn’t made my acting debut. We were sitting at the North stand, it was a bit rowdy. Someone got to know that I am Dharmendra’s son and they started ragging me. They started throwing cigarette butts. Then I got up, turned around, and started beating people. I don’t know what happened to me at that time, I didn’t see anything and just started fighting. Then the police came and took me from there. When somebody crosses a limit then these things happen,” he said.

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