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Unrestricted, VGC’s BitSummit game of the show, gets a publisher and a new title

The game VGC declared Game of the Show at this year’s BitSummit indie expo has been signed up to a publisher and given a new title.

Undefeated: Genesis was previously known as Unrestricted when VGC played it at BitSummit, Japan’s leading indie festival, in early July.

As well as its new name, it’s also been announced that the game will be published by Chorus Worldwide, the indie publisher who previously released the Coffee Talk games and A Space for the Unbound.

Developed by Osaka studio Inside-us Games, Undefeated: Genesis is the successor to Undefeated, a free 2019 Steam game that was downloaded more than 1.8 million times.

The new game will be the first in a trilogy of Unreal Engine 5 games which will “pay homage to superheroes while telling an expansive story”.

Undefeated: Genesis sees players taking control of a superhero with an extremely powerful arsenal of moves at their disposal. As well as being able to fly at high speeds, they can also punch holes in mountains and use laser vision, among other things.

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“Fly around a vast world under the canopy of collapsed skyscrapers and overgrown cityscapes decorated by magical, floating debris,” the game’s description reads.

“Defeat colossal aliens hell-bent on destruction. Grow ever stronger with genes obtained from fallen foes to attain powers like laser beams, freezing blasts, and massive shocks to forge a mighty, customisable hero.”

In VGC’s report on the game from BitSummit (when it was still called Unrestricted), we said: “What has us excited about the game is how well everything already feels at this extremely early stage. A lot of games have an ambitious concept but simply aren’t fun to play when all’s said and done.

“With Unrestricted, though, we already had fun flying around and annihilating enemies, popping them into the air and juggling them with comically overpowered combos then flying over to another group of ground-based enemies and dropping a big lightning strike on them.”

Despite its new announcements, Undefeated: Genesis is still a long way off – it’s set for a 2025 release on PC, with a console release in 2026.