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Why Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright Is “Frustrated” by Movie Role

But the fans of Hogwarts’ finest had her back, despite Wright feeling the filmmakers could have fit in a larger role for Gilly, who she played in all eight films, from 2001 to 2011.

“And when fans do share that disappointment, they do it in a way where they’re like, ‘We know it wasn’t you. We just wanted more of you.’ And that’s the same with every character,” she added. “If only they could’ve been five-hour-long movies, but it would’ve taken probably two years to film each one or something.”

Wright also noticed that a lot was changed from the original book series and “a lot of the scenes of every character were chopped down from the book to the film. So you didn’t really have as much to show in the film.”

“Sometimes that was a little disappointing,” she admitted, “because there were parts of the character that just didn’t get to come through because there weren’t the scenes to do that. So that made me feel a bit anxious or just frustrated, I guess.”

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