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Best Starfield Skills: Best Early Skills and Most Powerful Endgame Skills


Concealment is probably the most powerful (maybe even broken) skill in Starfield. It takes a lot of points to unlock it, but doing so should be a top priority for all stealthy players. 

At Level One, Concealment allows you to ignore enemy mines and gain a decent damage buff to your sneak attacks. That’s nice, but it’s not much more than that. However, by the time you unlock Concealment Level Four, you will be able to sprint while sneaking, automatically gain Chameleon abilities, acquire massive damage bonuses, and force enemies to lose track of you simply by going into Stealth mode. In other words, you can pretty much do whatever you want. 


Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong picking up any health-related Skills in Starfield. Skills like Medicine and Wellness go a long way toward keeping you alive, and it turns out that staying alive in Starfield is a big part of the experience. However, none of those Skills compare to the power of Rejuvenation. 

At Level One, Rejuvenation will allow you to slowly recover health outside of combat. When fully upgraded, though, Rejuvenation will also allow you to also quickly regain health while in combat. You’re not technically invincible, but with the right armor and tactics, it’s about as close as you’ll get to being invincible without entering a cheat code.


Your companions will occasionally do some silly things in Starfield, but they’re generally worth having around. If you really want to get the most out of your companions, though, you’ll need to pick up Leadership.

Fully upgrading Leadership will not only make your companions more powerful and more durable but it will increase their carrying capacity by 50kg (an invaluable quality-of-life buff). Even better, it allows Companions to occasionally heal both you and themselves. It’s just a fantastic universal set of benefits for anyone who doesn’t travel alone.

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