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How to increase inventory space in Starfield

Wondering how to increase your inventory space in Starfield?

One of the first things you’ll notice in Starfield is how annoying it is to be encumbered. You’re likely to be encumbered fairly quickly, especially if you’re a pack rat that likes picking up everything you come across. But how do you increase your inventory in Starfield? What are some ways you can offset the weight limit in Starfield? Read out guide to find out.

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Purchase the Weightlifting skill

The best way to increase your inventory size in Starfield is to purchase the weightlifting skill. Doing this will increase your carry weight. If you have some spare points, it’s probably a good idea to grab this early in the game.

Use your ship’s cargo hold

All ships in Starfield have a cargo hold. You can hold a large amount of inventory in there, and we recommend that you transfer your heavier materials like minerals and other building materials that you’ve grabbed from your adventures on planets. Larger ships have larger cargo holds, naturally.

Give your unwanted stuff to your companions

One of the best ways to avoid the weight limit in Starfield is to give all your unwanted stuff to your companions. You can fill up their inventory by talking to them and picking the “let’s trade gear,” option. Give them all of your unwanted crap.