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Jesse Palmer Teases What to Expect Night One of Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner is looking for someone with a heart of gold. 

And as fans wait for The Golden Bachelor to premiere Sept. 28, Jesse Palmer is teasing what they can expect on night one from both the 72-year-old lead and the women vying for his heart. Spoiler alert: It sounds like things get off to a rosy start. 

“One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this group of women? They are so much more confident getting out of the limo on night one—unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” Jesse told E! News in an exclusive interview. “It’s always the limo entrance arrival, the nerves stepping out, cameras, the mansion, all of it. Because they’ve lived life [and] they’ve had experiences, they are rock stars—and all throughout this season. On group dates, on one-on-one dates, traveling, they just shine.”

But don’t expect Gerry to call it an early evening. 

“The night does not end at 10 p.m. like I thought it might—only because people were a little bit older, maybe they wouldn’t be able to stay up as late,” Jesse shared. “People know that first night at the mansion is the longest night in television—period. I mean, normally that goes from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., and it is an all-nighter and they are rollin’. And I’ll say this—having been on it now for a couple years—a lot of these young kids, they talk a lot of game but inevitably you see them on the couch passed out taking little naps here and there.”

Not this year’s stars though. “There were no naps taken on The Golden Bachelor,” he added. “They partied hard, and they went from sundown to sunup.”

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