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  • Kangana Ranaut pens note about ‘great artists believing in the unbelievable’ | Bollywood News

Kangana Ranaut pens note about ‘great artists believing in the unbelievable’ | Bollywood News

Actor Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram account and wrote a long message about ‘great artists.’ Kangana explained that life can often feel repetitive and without clear purpose, but the key to finding meaning is to approach each day with a quest for perfection, just like great artists do.

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Kangana wrote, “The more we follow our heart and do what we want to do the more we realise that no matter which direction we go in to we were predestined to meet our destiny there. So what is the point of all this activity? Surely there is a point to all this, without this endless matrix of pointless points one could never figure that there was no point to begin with.”

She added, “At one point what seems to matter the most (houses, clothes, jobs, people all kinds of experiences) at the very next turn it becomes redundant, while we continue to hope, pray and desire more and more, it starts to get evident that it’s the same cycle on repeat. So what’s the point of all this ? It’s the same show on repeat, what to do?”

The actor concluded and said, “Well the answer is perform it to perfection even if it is the same show every single time you do it like it’s your first time. That’s what great artists do, they believe in the unbelievable. Have a nice day everyone.”

Kangana is currently gearing up for the release of two films–Chandramukhi 2 and Emergency. Chandramukhi 2 will release on September 19 and Emergency will hit the screens on November 24.

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