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Miley Cyrus Details “Undeniable” Chemistry With Liam Hemsworth

Miley said on the Call Your Daddy podcast that, frankly, she was a logical person more prone to stoically analyze what went wrong in a situation than freak out about it. Which, she acknowledged, isn’t necessarily something you can tell about her just by looking.

“I had a very, very public, very big breakup that was over a 10-year span of a relationship,” she explained. “Sitting with me now, I would hope you find me to be somewhat this way—which is not the public perception—is I’m very logical. I’m very organized and very kind of center. And so, I love lists. Lists keep my whole f–king world on track.”

Relationship postmortems are no different.

“And so, with heartbreak, I tried to not get lost in the emotion,” Miley continued. The end of a relationship can be a devastating loss, but “to not get lost in emotion, to focus on the logic, is to make a list of what you were gaining and what you were losing, what they were contributing to your life and what they were subtracting and to value each of these things by one through 10, and then you add them all up.

“And if the person was adding more to your life, then you know what is expected for your next relationship and, what they were subtracting, you know what you will not accept ever again.”

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