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PlayStation’s PC games are on sale for the next week

Sony has launched the ‘PlayStation Publisher Sale’ on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Running until September 7, the promotion features discounts of up to 75%.

All of the games discounted below are available on both Steam and Epic Games Store excluding Helldivers, which is only available on Valve‘s marketplace.

PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst said last October that future Sony games will likely have at least a year’s exclusivity on console before making the jump to PC, with the possible exception of live service games.

“Live service games are a little bit different in nature because you want to have a strong community, strong engagement right away, right when you go live, so we might in the case of our live service offerings go day and date with PC and the PlayStation platform,” he told YouTuber Julien Chieze.

Sony reiterated in May that it’s planning to have 12 live service games in the market by its fiscal year ending in March 2026 – up from three during its last business year ended this March.

The company also expects half of its game releases to be on PC and mobile by 2025.