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Post INDIA conclave, Rahul Gandhi meets Congress workers at Tilak Bhavan | Mumbai News

After attending the Mumbai chapter of INDIA conclave, Rahul Gandhi addressed Congress workers at Dadar’s Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) Tilak Bhavan office on Friday evening. The event also saw the attendance of Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, president of the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee, Varsha Gaikwad and senior party leaders such as Ashok Chavan, KC Venugopal and Balasaheb Thorat.

Amid chants of ‘Jodo Jodo Bharat Jodo’ and ‘Judega Bharat, Judega INDIA’, Rahul Gandhi released the latest edition of Congress mouthpiece, ‘Shidori’, during his first visit to the Tilak Bhavan party office.

Rahul also inaugurated the IT cell which seeks to felicitate the flow of information pertaining to the party and socio political developments to the party workers and citizens.

On Friday, Rahul told party workers, “The BJP believes that with their close ties with Adani, Adani’s wealth can wipe Congress away. Yesterday, two of the world’s financial papers wrote that one billion dollars from India went into different countries and came back. It stated that Modi and Adani have an old yet close relationship. The entire country is understanding. Adani wants to now enter Dharavi too. But they have no understanding of what Dharavi and its people want.”

Taking a jibe at PM Narendra Modi, Gandhi said, “Modi called for a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’. When the former superpower, England, couldn’t finish Congress with Congress instead ridding the country of them, how will Modi and his party.”

Addressing the Congress members, Gandhi said that Maharashtra was the nucleus of the Congress party and that the party must work unitedly to defeat the BJP when elections come.

“Like Karnataka, the BJP will be wiped out in Maharashtra too. In the upcoming elections at Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan too, what happened in Karnataka will repeat itself. Similarly, at the national level, INDIA alliance is going to win”, he added during the course of the event.

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Meanwhile, Kharge said that despite being disqualified in Gujarat through wrong means, Rahul came back to the parliament after a fight. “Rahul Gandhi has arrived in Tilak Bhavan for the first time. He was wrongly accused and disqualified in Gujarat. It was done so that he couldn’t raise people’s issues or expose the corruption in the state.

After teaching him a lesson, Gandhi came back to the parliament. Even citizens didn’t sit quiet,” Kharge told the workers.

Party workers echoed that Rahul Gandhi’s presence in Mumbai has left them enthused. Nadeem Nusrath, spokesperson of the MPCC told Express, “With the arrival of Rahul Gandhi in Mumbai, party workers are extremely enthused. They see courage in Rahul Gandhi which has brought everyone together starting with the Bharat Jodo yatra. This courage has gone beyond the party workers and spread throughout all countrymen”.

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