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Sister Wives Previews Janelle & Kody Brown’s Heated Argument

That’s when Kody got up and put on his jacket.

“There is no interest in understanding each other,” the father of 18—including six kids with Janelle—said. “There is no interest in understanding. There is only a bitterness that has no place. I don’t expect you to back me up anymore. I’m not gonna look for it, I’m not gonna ask for it. I don’t expect you to try and help us co-parent the kids. That’s too late. We’re never going to do that. So what partnership do we have?”

And while Janelle told him the blame can’t be put just on her, Kody said he’d “been here, daylong in and out, for all these years without your support while you were deciding what you were doing without consulting me.”

As he began to walk out—noting he was “done listening to you”—Janelle grabbed the sleeve of his jacket and told him to stay and talk. 

“No,” Kody replied. “I’m not going to because you’re not listening.”

When Janelle said he wasn’t listening to her, Kody answered back, “And I’m not going to. Goodbye.” As he left, Janelle called out, “f–k you” before telling the camera crew to “shut it off.”

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