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Starfield all romance options guide

What are the romance options in Starfield?

Starfield has many companions, and naturally, players will be wondering which of these companions could become more than just companions.

Starfield features multiple companions that can be romanced, and in this guide to Starfield’s romance options, you’ll learn who you can romance, and what the best way to romance them is.

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How does romance work in Starfield?

In Starfield, each one of your companions has an affinity meter. This changes based on things that you do in-game. You’ll notice that certain actions will earn a “liked that” or “disliked that” reaction from characters. That is the affinity system.

Once you’ve reached full affinity with a character, you’ll be given a companion mission to do. These missions, once accepted, will make the companion undismissable. Completing these missions will be the key to romancing characters in Starfield.

Starfield Romanceable Companions

Sarah Morgan
Starfield all romance options guide

Sarah Morgan is one of the romanceable companions in Starfield. You’ll meet Sarah very early in the game, so this should give you plenty of time to get her affinity meter full.

Check out our Sarah Morgan companion guide for the full rundown on how to romance Sarah, and other things you might want to know about her.

Starfield all romance options guide

Barrett is another one of the romanceable options in Starfield. Much like Sarah Morgan, he can be found very early in the game, however, he won’t become a full-fledged companion until after the mission Back to Vectera.

After Barrett is a full member of the crew, you can take him out on missions and begin to gain affinity with him. Barrett likes it when the player is law-abiding and does the right thing. He’ll initially dislike when you ask about his past, but as your affinity grows with Barrett, he’ll begin to like these questions.

Can you romance multiple characters in Starfield?

Currently, we don’t know if it’s possible to have committed relationships with multiple characters in Starfield at the same time.

Are there sex scenes in Starfield?

No. There are no sex scenes in Starfield.