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Starfield console commands: What are the best Starfield cheats

What are Starfield console commands?

For those unfamiliar, Starfield console commands are special inputs that you can enter on the PC version of Starfield that will let you add cheats to your game, such as infinite money, XP, or really most things you can think of.

Like in Fallout and Skyrim, Starfield features console commands that can totally break the game from a progression standpoint, allowing you to suddenly leap to level 100 with cheats, but what are the Starfield console commands? Well, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite Starfield console commands that you can use.

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Starfield console commands: How to enter console commands

Starfield console commands are very easy to enter. All you need to do is press the “~” key on your keyboard, and it’ll bring up the console itself.

It’s literally as easy as that, then you can enter the commands, then simply turn the console off again by pressing “~” again.

Starfield console commands: Do console commands work on Xbox?

No, console commands in Starfield don’t work on Xbox, however, if you have a PC that’s capable of running Starfield at all, you can always install the game on PC, then enter the console commands you want to use, save your game, and then head back to the Xbox version and your changes will be saved.

Starfield console commands: Best console commands
Starfield console commands: What are the best Starfield cheats
  • tgm – Godmode
  • tcl – No clip mode, turns off collisions.
  • killall – All hostile NPCs die instantly
  • player.setlevel x – Replacing the x with any number will set your player level to that number, and bring with it the large amount of XP that comes along.
  • player.additem 0000000F #20000000 – This is the code for spawning in items. Every item in Starfield has a unique code associated with it, and if you’d like to spawn it in without having to find it in the world, you can use this code. The example we’ve shown above will give the player 20 million credits.