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What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Finale: Can Guillermo Really Get Cured?

Had the process gone further, and Derek was taken out of the equation, Guillermo would have suffered much more dire consequences. Nandor was really taking a chance on staking Derek after Guillermo drank human blood. After that, Guillermo did undergo an extreme transformation, relishing in superspeed, and the appetite which ultimately put him off his food. Luckily, Guillermo also had the van Helsing DNA as a backup, because that was a dangerous experiment. Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) herself had only recently explained to Guillermo that he had to protect his maker, the same way she and her cohorts protect the Sire, Goëjlrm. If something should happen to him [spit spit], Nadja would crumble into dust, along with Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Laszlo (Matt Berry).

It should be noted the facial hair factor is apparently different in the cases of psychic vampires, as we saw when the housemates were invited to the home of the illustrious vampire Perdita Morrigan in “A Weekend at Morrigan Manor.” Colin Robinson didn’t shave for one weekend, and wound up growing a full-on Hercule Poirot mustache with van dyke accessories.

Why Would Nandor Change His Mind About Killing Guillermo?

For all of Laszlo’s experiments, he failed to slow Guillermo’s progression into a vampire, though he did stall the flow of information. The Guide (Kristen Schaal) led to Nandor learning the secret everyone knew but him while caged at the end of “A Weekend at Morrigan Manor,” but he was immediately able to suss out what foxed Laszlo all along. Nandor, and most of the viewing audience, know Guillermo is stopped from being turned into a full vampire because his van Helsing DNA is working as a natural antibiotic. “His vampire-killer cells are fighting off the vampire cells with all their might,” Nandor explains in “A Weekend at Morrigan Manor.” Colin Robinson declares “Another mystery solved.”

Nandor also knows the secret to getting around this evolutionary glitch: by feeding Guillermo human blood. The Relentless one knows more than battle plans and the history of pillaging. He may have been out of the loop on Guillermo’s condition, but has all kinds of foreknowledge.

Nandor is completely within his rights to become murderously upset. Which he does in fine fashion, threatening Guillermo with a painful and humiliating death only to be outdone by his own, if the betraying familiar’s demise is not demeaning enough. Jake Bender, Zach Dunn, Sam Johnson, Sarah Naftalis, and Paul Simms, the writers of “Exit Interview,” make it seem like Patton Oswalt is the last straw to make the proud vampire warrior yield, but Nandor was only looking for an excuse.

Vampires are known to be obsessive compulsives, as Laszlo’s experiment to disprove the old myth inadvertently proved early in the season. Nandor is also a little bit anal retentive. We’re not saying he’s an asshole, but he still hasn’t freed the Djinn (Anoop Desai), long after he’s granted his genie-wish quota. Nandor likes to keep his stuff. Colin even brought back his old key chain from the Staten Island Immigration Museum. Nandor is not one to give up Guillermo.

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