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Disney+ New Releases: September 2023

It’s the summer holidays, so what better time for the House of Mouse to release the latest live-action remake of one of their most beloved tales to the Disney+ streaming service? Yes, The Little Mermaid will be making a big splash in September!

Starring Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy, and Javier Bardem, the film follows the same basic plot as the animated version, complete with songs. The Little Mermaid may have struggled at the box office, but it will likely find its natural home and plenty of fresh eyeballs on streaming when it debuts this month.

Elsewhere in September, Ahsoka continues rolling out the latest arc of the Star Wars saga, while Marvel’s Groot will be back for a fresh batch of animated shorts. What trouble will the little tree find himself in next? We’re excited to find out, but that’s not all she wrote for Marvel fans this month, as there will be TWO Loki-themed Marvel Legends episodes streaming ahead of the God of Mischief’s season two return to Disney+ in October, plus Marvel Studios’ Assembled will be back with The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 AND Secret Invasion.

Will we finally going to get a genuinely good excuse for why Marvel used A.I. to create the opening credits for Secret Invasion instead of paying talented designers and artists to do it for them? Absolutely not. Neither will we likely get any insight into what happened behind the scenes to make the show such a misfire. But no doubt we’ll get to see some terrific behind the scenes action with the unstoppable Samuel L. Jackson.

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