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Have been using cow-dung soap for 30 years, experienced no skin disease: Maharashtra minister Chandrakant Patil | Pune News

Speaking at the inauguration of Maharashtra Goseva Commission headquarters in Pune recently, District Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil said the commission will work to promote products derived from gomutra (cow urine) and cow dung, apart from cow milk.

Patil claimed the burning of cow-dung cakes to ‘cleanse’ air has seen an uptick across the globe, especially in countries like Germany. He also claimed that scientists have found gomutra useful in treating cancer.

“You may not know this, but the value of gomutra has increased manifold as it is being used in cancer treatment. Also, cow dung is a much sought-after item now as burning it can result in a lot of environmental benefits – such as cleaning the air from pathogens and pests. This has been proven by scientists. There are crores of houses, not only in India but elsewhere where the morning does not start without burning cow dung and they do not eat without doing an agnihotra (a burning ritual). For this, there is a high demand for cow dung but it cannot be exported in the raw form. It should be packaged and sold to them in the form of cow-dung biscuits and so on,” said Patil.

The guardian minister also said that he has been using soaps made of cow dung for decades and listed several personal health benefits experienced by him.

“I have been using the cow-dung soap for the last 30-32 years. It looks like any other soap. I travel a lot, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I travelled throughout the state as party president… I have not had any skin disease,” said Patil.

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He said the motive behind setting up the Goseva Commission is to promote processing and marketing opportunities for cow-based products apart from supporting groups that perform goseva.

“The Union government has asked the states to set up Goseva Commissions with an aim to… improve cattle population. The states should provide sufficient funds to the commission and also give it permission to raise funds through CSR…” said Patil.

The event was attended by Maharashtra Goseva Commission President Shekhar Mundada, among others.

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