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Breastfeeding With Implants? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you more likely to get mastitis if you nurse with breast implants?

First things first, mastitis is when milk is trapped inside the breast and doesn’t fully drain, leading to infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. So, with implants, will that cause clogged milk ducts? Well, Dr. Parcells said it depends on the location of your implants.

“If the breast implant is sitting on top of your muscle, it could be pushing up against the breast tissue and impact the ductal system,” she explained, noting that if the implants are underneath the muscle, “It’s not really going to be communicating at all with your breast tissue.”

Overall, she pointed out, “It could theoretically happen, but it’s not very common.”

Can nursing with breast implants affect your cup size?

Decker brought up concerns about her boob size, noting they tend to get “massive” during pregnancy.

When it comes to this topic, the Sunnie Skincare founder said there are a few important factors to keep in mind. For one, no matter how you decide to feed your baby, your boobs will change in size and shape. Secondly, regardless if you got a breast augmentation or are au naturale, the girls will also grow.

Put simply, she said, “Your body is preparing to breastfeed during pregnancy.”

The extent is dependent on your body and, as Dr. Parcells noted, how much your breast tissue transforms during pregnancy.

“For some women,” she continued, “their breast size comes right back down to what it was pre-pregnancy. For others, they have stretch marks, looser skin and, with multiple pregnancies, this could be exacerbated. Time, gravity, hormone fluctuations, all of this interplays, so they may need a revision with a lift, a different change in profile or the size of their implants.”

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