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‘I wish teachers would treat us equally’ | Eye News

Ahead of Teachers’ Day, students from across India talk about their classroom favourites and their hopes and expectations from their mentors

Saba (13) Class VIII

Karamat Husain Muslim Girls Inter College, Lucknow

Who is your favourite teacher?

My favourite teacher is Prabha ma’am; I don’t know her full name, everyone calls her that. She teaches us History, Geography, Civics and is our class teacher, too. She is very nice to everyone.

What do you like about her?

What I like most about her is that she is patient and listens to us. She has been very nice to me even when I was up to mischief. She encouraged me to work hard despite me scoring low marks in a few class tests. When I didn’t score well, she encouraged me and ensured that I didn’t feel disheartened and my performance has improved since then.

What you wish teachers wouldn’t do?

I wish teachers wouldn’t hit students. I am not saying they do that often, but I just wish that it never happens. It is humiliating.

One thing you wish teachers would do?

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I wish our teachers would treat us all equally despite how we are at studies.

Would you like to be a teacher when you grow up? 

Yes, that is my dream. I want to become a teacher so that I can teach children what I have learnt. I want to complete my education and become a teacher at a government or private school. Teachers leave a mark on their students and I would want to do that.

—As told to Asad Rehman

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