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Ghosts Series 5: Meet The Guest Cast – Anna Crilly, Charlie Hamblett & More

Anna Crilly as Joy Kielty

Anna Crilley as Joy in Ghosts

Joy is an unexpected visitor in episode one, arriving at Button House and introducing herself to Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) as a “loss adjuster” from their insurance company, explaining much to Mike’s horror that she’s there to investigate their insurance claim before they can receive a payout for the guest house, which burnt down at the end of series four. 

You’ll recognise Crilly from comedies like Lead Balloon and Pixelface, and she also recently appeared as DS Natalie Golding in The Sixth Commandment and was once part of a TV comedy double-act with fellow Ghosts actor Katy Wix.

Chloe Delanney as Sophie

Chloe Delaney in Ghosts

We’ve seen Delanney in Ghosts once before, back in 2021, in the series three episode “The Bone Plot”, where we discover how Humphrey the ghost lost his head. Sophie is Humphrey’s French wife, and despite their marriage being of the unhappy-but-convenient variety, Humphrey dies trying to save her from the Queen’s Guard after they discover she’s plotting to assassinate the queen. 

We see new flashbacks featuring Sophie in the fourth episode of series six, giving an insight into how she and her French nurse (Mia Soteriou, Mamma Mia) unwittingly helped to teach Robin to speak French.

Delanney has also appeared in US comedy The Bubble and fantasy drama Cursed.

Greg Haiste as Lord Bone

Greg Haiste as Lord Bone in Ghosts

In the same episode, we also discover that Button House was a gift to newlywed teens Sophie and Humphrey from Humphrey’s father Lord Bone.

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