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Pac-Man 99 has now been shut down and delisted from Nintendo Switch Online

Pac-Man 99’s servers have now been shut down, and the game is no longer available on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo had informed players back in May that it planned to shut down Pac-Man 99 in October, and this has now happened.

The massively multiplayer Pac-Man spin-off, which allowed up to 99 players to compete against each other, started to have its features gradually shut down from August, when the option to buy custom themes was removed.

This was followed in September by the removal of the option to buy the Pac-Man 99 Deluxe Pack or the Pac-Man 99 Mode Unlock DLC.

Now, in the last stage of the shutdown, the main game and its free custom themes have been removed from the eShop and the game’s online services have ended.

Players who previously purchased the game’s paid DLC – which contains three offline modes and a number of custom themes – can still play it even though the servers have shut down. However, those who don’t already have this DLC now have no way to access it.

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Pac-Man 99 was added to Switch Online in April 2021, following the removal of its popular Super Mario Bros 35 battle royale game.

Its removal from Switch Online has come shortly after the addition of its apparent replacement, F-Zero 99, which offers similar 99-player online multiplayer but based around the original SNES version of Nintendo’s racing game F-Zero.

The first massively multiplayer game made available to Switch Online members was Tetris 99, which was added to the eShop in February 2019. It still remains active and there are no known plans to terminate it.