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The first Sonic Superstars review has been published

The first review of Sonic Superstars has been published.

As reported by ryokutya2089, the latest issue of Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu contains a review of the game.

Famitsu’s reviews are handled by four separate critics, who each score the game out of 10 for a total score of 40.

Sonic Superstars received a score of 32/40, with all four critics giving it a score of 8.

According to ryokutya2089’s summary of the review, Famitsu says the game is a legitimate evolution of the 2D Sonic series, and that it feels both nostalgic and new at the same time.

It also notes that while some sections are difficult, overall the game’s fast action feels good to play.

Stage layouts are also complimented, but it was also suggested that the lack of voice acting was disappointing in a contemporary Sonic game.

The review reportedly concludes that players of the Mega Drive generation have been waiting for a Sonic game like this.

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Sonic Superstars is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer which lets players control either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy Rose.

The game, which is due for release on October 17, is developed by Arzest, the Japanese studio run by the mascot’s original creator Naoto Ohshima.

According to Sega’s description: “Sonic and his friends’ journey starts on the beautiful North Star Islands, a mystical place offering never-before-seen environments, as well as a mysterious story waiting to unfold.

“Enormous creatures, exhilarating adventures, and evil plans from Dr Eggman await Sonic and his friends, who can now obtain brand-new abilities known as the Emerald Powers when Chaos Emeralds are collected.”

The game will also release three days before Super Mario Bros Wonder, somewhat reviving the Sonic and Mario rivalry from the early 1990s.