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Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP ‘will now be a remaster rather than a remake’

Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP will now be a remaster as opposed to a remake, according to Dragami Games.

“We have changed the game design of RePOP from Remake to Remaster based on your requests,” said studio founder Yoshimi Yasuda.

Without further clarification, it’s impossible to say what this actually means for the title, although it could be that Dragami intends for it to more closely resemble the original than was previously planned.

Yasuda was formerly the CEO of Kadokawa Games, which published Grasshopper Manufacture titles Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead in Japan. He was also executive producer on both titles.

He left Kadokawa last year to form Dragami Games, before announcing that one its first projects would be a Lollipop Chainsaw remake.

Some aspects of the announcement – including that it would have a new soundtrack, a “more realistic” art design, and that original creative director Suda51 and co-writer James Gunn wouldn’t be involved in the project – left some fans worried.

Yasuda attempted to address some of these issues last summer, saying: “The primary goal of the Lollipop Chainsaw Remake project is to make it so that players who wish to play Lollipop Chainsaw can do so easily, not to make a new Lollipop Chainsaw game.

“Of course, the ideal thing to do would be to make a remastered version of the original game, changing nothing.

“However, we were unfortunately unable to include 16 of the licensed songs, which were a great part of the original game’s feel, and so we are instead aiming for a remake that is as close as possible to a remaster.”

Addressing concerns that the plot may be changed, he added: “We believe that Lollipop Chainsaw’s story is a huge part of what fans love about the original game, and we, the development staff feel the same. As such, the story will not be changed in the remake.”

Yasuda also referred to fan concern that in his original announcement he said the remake would have “a more realistic approach to the graphics this time”.

“The mention of how the game will have a more realistic look in the previous announcement was meant to refer to how we will make use of the advanced rendering technology available in current game consoles,” he explained.

“We do not wish to change Juliet’s design, and the assumption that we want to is baseless. We were the ones who created Juliet’s model data after great trial and error ten years ago, and feel attached to her more than anyone else.”

Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP ‘will now be a remaster rather than a remake’

Finally, Yasuda addressed worries that the game’s sexualised content may be “censored” for today’s audiences, by suggesting that there are no intentions to censor the game.

“We have not yet discussed the issue with the platform holders yet, and thus cannot say anything about the topic,” he said, “but what we can say is that we intend to negotiate with the platform holders to make it so that the game can be as close to the original version as possible.”

In August, the final name for the game was announced alongside news that Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP had been delayed from this year to 2024.