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Sonic Superstars – How to unlock Trip

How do you unlock Trip in Sonic Superstars?

It’s a question fans have been asking ever since they first saw the new character in promotional videos for the game.

Trip appears to be one of the game’s main enemies, but can she be unlocked as a playable character?

Read on for information on how to unlock Trip in Sonic Superstars.

Note: This article contains some plot spoilers for Sonic Superstars, but doesn’t reveal Trip’s face – we’ve left that surprise for you. If you absolutely need to see what she looks like, we’ve got a separate article showing Trip unmasked.

Sonic Superstars – Who is Trip?

Trip the Sungazer is a completely original character who makes her debut appearance in Sonic Superstars.

A sungazer is a type of armoured lizard that protects itself with spines, so that should give a good idea of what Trip might look like under her helmet.

In the game, Trip has teamed up with Dr Eggman and Fang the Hunter, to help convert the animals of the Northstar Islands into Badniks.

With her large spiked metallic helmet, Trip is quite an intimidating-looking character.

There’s perhaps more to her than meets the eye, however, as you find out as you play through the game.

Sonic Superstars – How to unlock Trip

Sonic Superstars – How to unlock Trip

Trip may appear to be one of the main enemies in Sonic Superstars, but as the game progresses her role changes.

Eventually she realises that she’s on the wrong side and ends up teaming with Sonic and his friends, becoming one of the good guys.

This also means Trip is a playable character in the game, and unlocking her is relatively easy.

Once you defeat the giant Dr Eggman robot in Egg Fortress Zone Act 2, you’ll see the ending animation followed by the end credits.

After this, Trip will be unlocked as a playable character, along with a new mode called Trip’s Story, which is a harder remixed version of the standard Story mode.

Sonic Superstars – How to unlock Trip

Trip plays like a cross between Amy Rose and Knuckles.

She’s got a double-jump move which is similar to Amy’s spinning hammer attack, but if you double-jump into a wall Trip’s spines will stick to it, letting you roll up it (similar to Knuckles’ climbing move).