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Ghosts Series 5 Thomas Revelation Started in a Series 1 Blooper

Speaking to Nathan Bryon on the BBC Inside… Ghosts podcast, “Home” writers Mat Baynton and Jim Howick explained that the Scottish gag goes all the way back to Ghosts’ very first broadcast episode.

“It one hundred percent goes back to [when] in episode one, the pilot, the first ever episode of Ghosts, Thomas shouts ‘Answer the question damn your eyes!’” Baynton explains. “Tom Kingsley our director asked – I mean, I gave a pretty big line reading – and he asked me to go even bigger. I think it’s in the outtakes, that moment.”

He’s right, you can see it below:

“Immediately after the scene we were walking back to the green room and Lolly [Adefope, who plays Kitty] or someone went ‘you sounded Scottish’, and we joked about – and this is a line from a Tom Basden play that I was in – maybe Thomas is one of those Scottish people who is basically English and then you suddenly see them in a kilt at a wedding, and you’re like hang on, and they’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m Scottish’.”

Did Baynton always have a really good Scottish accent in his back pocket that he’d always wanted to use on the show, asked Bryon? “No, and I still don’t” he laughed, while Jim Howick remembered that he’d used one to great effect in the first series of BBC children’s educational comedy sketch show Horrible Histories in the role of Scottish figure John Knox.

After being pushed to air the Scottish accent one more time on the podcast, Baynton and Howick each gave it a go to… mixed results but Baynton ended the chat with a blanket sorry for having attempted it, saying, “I apologise to the nation of Scotland, you are beautiful.”

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