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  • Reviewers Say This $20 Waterproof Brow Gel Lasted Through Baby Labor

Reviewers Say This $20 Waterproof Brow Gel Lasted Through Baby Labor

“I applied, went to the hospital to be induced for labor, gave birth 16 hours later, and the next day it still looked like I just applied it! I will use this product for as long as it’s available!!!”

“This gel is the answer. I used pencil before and it worked but it takes much longer to apply and rubs off very easily. My brows are blonde/gray and barely show. Their color is uneven too. So I apply this gel by brushing it on. It dries almost instantly and doesn’t rub off but comes off easily with my eye makeup remover. It very slightly stiff so it keeps your brows where you brushed them and the color is very natural.”

“This stuff does exactly what it says it does. Even when it’s sweltering hot out and you’re sweating but still trying to rock that polished look. I’ve also gotten a felt brush to draw on my top lid eyeliner and never once smudged. This is my #1 go to.”

“I was on the fence about this. I’ve never had any luck with brow products. But this… This is the holy grail of eyebrow perfection! Easy to use (seriously), and the color matched well. I went with blonde, my eyebrows actually can be very dark but usually they look super fake if I apply any product. So I chose to go lighter than I thought, which worked great because its natural looking and spot on. Short feathery little strokes in the direction your hair grows. That’s it. I don’t even need to use the spooley but it does give it a nice soft look. I hope they make this forever!”

“My holy grail for eyebrows. This stuff is exactly what I needed to fill in sparse areas in my eyebrows due to over plucking, I have black hair and this color matches perfectly. Apply heavier for a more dramatic look or lightly to fill in sparse areas. I use the applicator and spool it came with and don’t need any other tools.I have gone swimming, exercised, slept on them and stays on! Wash with facial cleanser and it comes off easily and doesn’t cause your existing eyebrows to fall out.”

“I am HOOKED! This stuff is amazing. I had every intention of getting microbladed until i tried Wunderbrow. This is so easy to apply and the results last all day and night. It says that they should last for days but I find that I have to reapply every day. It does however stay on if you are going swimming.”

“I love It.. I never write any reviews, I’m a firm believe that everyone has their own experience with everything but this was a game changer for me. I wouldn’t say it will last you 2-3 days like it claims it does, but it does last all day and just the way it applies is so beautiful and seamlessly. Of course you have to know how to apply it correctly, though. Overall, amazing product. Finally one that I can say is my holy grail.”

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