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The ‘final’ F-Zero 99 tracks are arriving today

Nintendo is releasing a second wave of F-Zero 99 tracks today, October 18.

The company announced on social media: “Challenge the mighty King League in Grand Prix mode and take on three new courses including Fire Field!”

According to reliable dataminer OatmealDome, the new tracks being added to the game are Mute City III for normal F-Zero 99, Red Canyon II for Pro Tracks and Prix modes, and Fire Field exclusively for Grand Prix mode.

Allegedly the game will call these additions the “final new tracks”, but promise that more game updates are planned for the future.

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F-Zero 99, a massively multiplayer racing game, was a surprise release on Switch last month. At launch, it only has seven tracks from the original F-Zero, but Nintendo previously confirmed it was planning to add to these.

OatmealDome also recently discovered new modes that aren’t yet in the game.

The first of these is Arcade Mode, which will reportedly add a timer and places ‘time gates’ on each track. This mode may involve continually passing through gates to refill the timer, with the last player alive winning.

They also uncovered the presence of a mode called Survival, but pointed out that there isn’t much data to accompany it other than a model of a flat square with a circle in it.