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Matthew Vaughn’s Solution for Star Wars: Reboot the Skywalker Saga

“I had the opportunity once [to direct Bond] when I nearly did Casino Royale,” Vaughn tells us. “I say nearly because my hands, I thought, were on the prize but they slipped through, and I would’ve loved to have done Casino Royale because we were going back to the book, and I’m obviously a fan of Daniel’s.”

When asked if he would consider still directing a Bond film if the opportunity came again, Vaughn is circumspect, noting he’s already scratched that itch pretty well with Kingsman. Still, he admits, “Never say never. We won’t make the ‘again’ quip… but I think there’s more of a chance of me being cast as James Bond than directing a James Bond.”

Yet even though Vaughn has seemingly made his peace with 007, there are other franchises he’d be interested in trying his hand in, albeit the two that most intrigue him seem increasingly remote. The first is Superman, a character Vaughn would love to reframe from the ground up for the big screen; it’s an idea that James Gunn is already tackling with 2025’s Superman: Legacy. The other, meanwhile, would involve walking across cinematic holy ground, even in the modern world of franchised sequels and prequels. He would like to reimagine Star Wars.

“If I was allowed to reboot Star Wars, and go back, put [Luke] Skywalker and Vader in it, and to start again,” Vaughn says. “Everyone would think [I’m] crazy, but I’ve been arguing we’ve all done it with Spider-Man pretty well. Bond. I think Star Wars is the Skywalker family. So if I was allowed to do the Skywalker story, then I’d love to do Star Wars.”

Vaughn, who was allegedly once in the running to direct what became The Force Awakens, bases this on the notion that Star Wars was originally just the Skywalker family’s story when George Lucas conceived it. However, the franchise’s new owners at Disney have attempted to expand past that rechristened “Skywalker Saga” over the last decade.

As for Bond, even if Vaughn never directs a 007 movie himself, we ask the filmmaker if he has any ideas about how to reboot the character in the 2020s.

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