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Pokemon recreates American Psycho with Quagsire for new ad

The Pokemon Company has released a new video that recreates the horror film American Psycho using Pokemon puppets.

The video posted to Pokemon social channels shows three Pokemon puppets, Mashtromp, Slowpoke, and Quagsire. recreating the scene from the film where three characters compare business cards.

In place of business cards, the Pokemon are shown comparing three versions of the new “Larry” Pokemon card debuting in the upcoming set Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Paradox Rift.

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Fans were quick to point out the unusual nature of the crossover, with the traditionally family-friendly Pokemon brand explicitly referencing a horror film, however, fan feedback seems to be extremely positive.

One fan on TikTok wrote, “Pokemon making an American psycho reference is funny af.”

Another wrote “This is on Pokemon’s *official* TikTok. That is insane lol.”

The next set of Pokemon cards, Paradox Rift, will be released in November. It will feature the debut of Ancient and Future cards, which reference the Paradox Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It’s also been confirmed that in 2024, the Pokémon Trading Card Game will reintroduce Ace Spec cards. These special trainer cards first debuted in 2011 and were extremely powerful variants of item cards that could only be used once per game.