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Madhya Pradesh Police constable gives ‘CPR’ to resuscitate snake. Watch | Trending News

A video of a Madhya Pradesh police constable purportedly giving CPR to a snake that fell unconscious after getting drenched in water laced with pesticide is going massively viral on social media.

Many netizens have shared the video from Madhya Pradesh’s Narmadapuram with the claim that the constable resuscitated the snake with CPR. The constable identified as Atul Sharma is seen giving mouth to mouth CPR to the snake that fell unconscious.

Reportedly, the non-venomous snake had entered a pipeline in a residential colony. When the residents failed to remove the snake from the pipeline, they poured water laced with pesticide down it. As a result, the snake fell unconscious.

The video shows the constable trying to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the snake and the serpent slowly gaining consciousness. The people recording the video are heard saying that the snake’s pupils are slowly opening and it has tightened its neck. As the snake makes a discernible movement, the people start chanting “Radhe, Radhe”.

The constable is then heard telling the people never pour such “medicine” again and instead use petrol when faced with such a situation.

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“A video from Narmadapuram has gone viral where a police constable is giving CPR to a snake that had fallen unconscious after being drenched in pesticide laced toxic water,” says the caption of the video that was posted by a man named Anurag Dwary (@Anurag_Dwary).

Watch the video below:

“This is so heartwarming,” a user commented. “Courage and Kindness,” said another.

However, the constable’s valiant effort in reviving the snake may not have been accurate as according to a website called “Everything Reptilion”, snakes can’t be revived by giving CPR if they are not breathing.

“Unlike mammals, snakes don’t have lungs that can be inflated using CPR. Instead, they have a series of air sacs that allow them to breathe. These air sacs are located in their gut and rely on the snake’s muscles to move the air through them. As a result, it’s simply not possible to use CPR to resuscitate a snake. If you’re trying to revive a snake that isn’t breathing, your best bet is to place it in a container with warm water and try to stimulate its muscles. This will help move the air through its system and get it breathing again,” it read.

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