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King Legacy – Halloween update Version 4.8 patch notes and code

King Legacy’s Halloween update, version 4.8, has just gone live.

The update adds a new Halloween event, where you can exchange items using candy.

It also revamps the Black Market, and adds a new ‘Collectible’ inventory.

It’s not all good news, though, as Phoenix (Z) burn damage, Magnet (B) and Electro v2 (V) have all been nerfed.

The new update also comes with a new code, which you can find here:

The full update notes for King Legacy can be found below:

King Legacy – Halloween update Version 4.8 patch notes

Halloween Event

  • Added Halloween Island at First Sea / – Second Sea with a Daily Quest Event – Shop where you can exchange items using ‘Candy.’
  • Candy can be obtained from Raid Bosses, Sea King’s Chests, Hydra’s Chests, and randomly spawned Chests.
  • Added Jack o Lantern at Second Sea, which requires you to use ‘Candy’ to summon the boss. The boss drops ‘Pumpkin Smasher,’ the limited item that everyone is looking for.
  • Pumpkin Smasher has been revamped.

Black Market Revamp

  • Adjusted the Black Market (Money/Gem) so that physical fruits will be given instead of their power when purchased.
  • Increased the restock time of the Adjusted Black Market from 3 hours to 6 hours to provide more preparation time.
  • Increased the fruit stock for Rare and Epic fruits.
  • Adjusted the price requirements ($) Money and Gem :
    • Common and Uncommon fruits use only ($) Money.
    • Rare fruits require ($Money) + 5 Gems.
    • Epic fruits require ($Money) + 10 Gems.
    • Legendary fruits require ($Money) + 25 Gems.
  • Adjusted item sorting from lower-tier to highest tier.

New Collectible Inventory

  • Gamepasses and products are now purchasable and can be stored in ‘Collectible’ and are tradable.
  • Added a Safe Zone at NPC Fruit Awake.
  • Changed 2x EXP to a timer. Players who own the gamepass will automatically receive 2X EXP for 12 hours, 3 ea and EXP Crown Limited Item +20% exp upgradable. in return, and it can be found in ‘Collectible’ , ‘Accessory’ inside the inventory.
  • Buffed Water Style C V2 Speed.
  • Added a new Raid Boss Health Bar for the following bosses:
    • Expert Swordman
    • Monster
    • Sea King
    • Hydra
    • Jack o lantern
    • King Samurai
    • Ms. Mother
  • Added a Notification System around sea areas when there’s an event from Legacy Island, Hydra Island, and Ghost Ship.
  • Adjusted ‘Ghost Ship’ spawn time from every 4 hours to every 1 hour.
  • Adjusted spawn time of Sea King inside Private Server from every 2 hours to 1 hour, equal to Public Server.
  • Adjusted Products price
    • Spawn GS 350 to 100 (R$)
    • Race Rerolls 100 to 75 (R$)
  • Adjusted inventory sorting for Sword, Accessories, Material, and Fruit based on rarity.
  • Adjusted Trade GUI
  • Fixed Ice v1 V.
  • Fixed Ice awake passive


  • Nerfed Phoenix (Z) burn damage.
  • Magnet (B) will be slower in pulling in.
  • Electro v2 (V) now drops observation at least – 6 dodges, not 10.