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  • Tamil Nadu govt launches ‘Manjappai Kiosk’ in effort to curb plastic litter around Besant Nagar beach | Chennai News

Tamil Nadu govt launches ‘Manjappai Kiosk’ in effort to curb plastic litter around Besant Nagar beach | Chennai News

In an effort to curb the plastic litter around the Besant Nagar beach, one of the popular hangout spots in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government has launched the ‘Manjappai Kiosk’ to monitor the use of plastics by the public and also to spread awareness.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Siva V Meyyanathan alongside Health Minister Ma Subramanian inaugurated the facility at the beach on Monday and flagged off the ‘Meendum Manjappai’ brigade who will drive around the city to spread awareness about the campaign.

Supriya Sahu, Additional Chief Secretary, Environment, Climate Change and Forests said, “The brigade of two electric cars and six electric bikes will be driven by young eco-warrior/green warriors, would zoom past Chennai spreading awareness about plastic pollution and monitor ban on single-use plastic (SUP) to make it more effective.”

Touted to be a first-of-a-kind facility, Sahu in a video she shared on the social media channel noted that the kiosk in Besant Nagar beach is a container that runs on the green energy through a solar panel on its roof. “It will act as a centre to watch plastic littering on the beach and create awareness among people,” she said.

Manjappai Kiosk The brigade electric cars for the campaign. (Photo credit: SMeyyanathan/X)

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board will man the kiosk centre at Besant Nagar along with volunteers. The kiosk also has a cloth vending machine, public can deposit coins or Rs 20 to get themselves an eco-friendly Manjapai (cloth bag). Further, the machine also has a plastic bottle crusher.

Festive offer

Supriya said the centre also has information about the journey of Manjaipai and how the state government has been making efforts to curb single-use plastics.

“The centre also gives information as to why it is important for us to stop littering on the beaches because as we know, as per reports by 2050, there will be more plastics in our ocean than fish if it is business as usual,” Sahu added further.

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The facility at the beach aims to educate the public, particularly young adults and children, about the ill effects of plastics and how dumping items in the ocean could severely affect marine life.

Citizens now can download the ‘Manjapai App’ by scanning the QR code on the machine to learn more about the initiative. Earlier in June on World Environment Day, the government launched the app and website for the public to know more about SUP items banned by both state and central governments and measures taken by the government district-wise to curb them. The public can learn about details of manufacturers of eco-friendly products and also the facility to register complaints against the use of banned single-use plastic items in the state.

“This truly gives a big boost to our efforts to stop littering on our beaches,” Sahu added lastly.

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