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Modern Warfare 3 Campaign early access release date: when does it unlock?

When is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 campaign released? Most of the time it’s the same day as the rest of the game, but not this year.

As was the case with Modern Warfare 2, the campaign for Modern Warfare 3 is being made available early to anyone who pre-ordered the game digitally.

This means you can play through the game early and get a feel for any new changes that have been added.

Then, when the multiplayer mode arrives on the official release date of November 10, you can start it straight away, happy in the knowledge you’ve already beaten the Campaign mode.

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign: Early access release time

If you’ve pre-ordered a physical copy of Modern Warfare 3 then you have to wait until the game actually turns up on November 10 to start playing the Campaign.

However, if you pre-ordered the game digitally on the Xbox or PlayStation digital stores, or on or Steam on PC, you can get access to the Campaign early.

You can already pre-load the Campaign just now (it should already be in your game library), so you can start playing as soon as it goes live.

The Campaign itself will go live at the same time around the world – 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT.

According to Activision, this year’s Campaign will see players “adapt or die in a fight against the ultimate threat as part of Task Force 141, including Open Combat Missions, and a number of content unlocks as you play”.

These unlocks are rewards for the Multiplayer and Zombies modes, which means you won’t be able to access them until the full game releases on November 10.